Azure Data Engineer architect – NoSQL (Cosmos DB):


Provide technical architecture guidance and expertise in developing, architecting, and maintaining end to end solution in Cosmos DB, Azure Databricks, and monitoring of high-volume of complex hyper scalable operational and analytical processes.

• Experience in designing and architecting end to end solution in Cosmos DB.

• Experience in architecting workload management solutions in Cosmos DB and deeper understanding of key architecture features such as global distribution of data, serverless architecture, multi-model support, throughput consistency guarantees, partitioning, and security.

• Experience in designing and architecting Change data capture frameworks.

• Designing and architecting data models and data distribution, loading data into Cosmos DB, optimizing, maintaining the solution, and integrating the solution with other Azure services.

• Designing, and architecting solutions that consider security, availability, resilience, and performance requirements.

• Experience in architecting solutions using appropriate Cosmos DB APIs such as NoSQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL Cassandra, Gremlin, and Table.

• Experience in handling (designing/reviewing) complicated data flows.

• Experience in architecting consumption patterns like Analytical, Operational, Real-time, and bulk consumption patterns.

• Experience in Azure functions, Azure Data Lake, and Databricks preferred.