Clearance Requirement: Must be US Citizen and should be able to obtain DHS FEMA clearance.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Take responsibility for the delivery of Data Migration for multiple systems: analysis, design, implementation, testing, validation, and acceptance.
  • Assembling large, complex sets of data that meet non-functional and functional business requirements.
  • Communicate with key stakeholders to understand the data migration needs and requirements and troubleshoot data inconsistencies that might arise.
  • Building required infrastructure for optimal extraction, transformation and loading of data from various data sources using AWS and SQL technologies
  • Working with stakeholders including data, design, product, and executive teams and assisting them with data-related technical issues
  • Develop logical and conceptual data models.
  • Develop data migration strategies and plans.
  • Develop scripts to extract, transform and load data.
  • Perform data analysis and cleansing activities to ensure data quality, as needed.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve issues related to data migration.
  • Participate in data migration testing including data-level validation and application-level validation.
  • Document data migration processes, procedures, and outcome.

Required Skills and Experience

  • 8+ years of work experience with a combination of data modeling, ETL, database operations, data services, data analytics, ETL and data migration tools.
  • 5+ years of work experience with coding in one of mainstream programming languages: Python, Java, Node.js etc.
  • Experience in design and development of ETL process using AWS ETL tools like AWS DMS, Glue, Athena, AWS Aurora PostgreSQL, etc.
  • Experience in designing data migration solutions, archival processes, and reconciliation.
  • Experience with data quality checks, data de-duplication and data validation processes.
  • Perform data migration audit, reconciliation, and exception reporting.
  • Experience with a public cloud (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud)
  • Experience operating production workloads on Oracle/PostgreSQL (preferred)
  • Solid understanding of data elements and their relationships between the source and target systems
  • Experience working on real-time data and streaming applications.
  • Experience with NoSQL implementation (DynamoDB, Mongo, Cassandra)